Upgrading a managed package

Ugrading a managed package.

This covers upgrading a managed package and uses rC_Bios v1.3 as the example package. The steps hold for all Snowbird managed packages.

Logout of all salesforce sessions to prevent installing the package in the wrong org accidentally


Click the package install link for the latest version of the package to be upgraded. New installations and updgrades use the same links.

The wiki list of install links for packages is on the Snowbird wiki: https://roundcorner.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RCSBIRD/rC+Package+Installation

Note: To install the package in a sandbox, change the 'login.salesforce.com' portion of the URL to 'test.salesforce.com'. 'login' is used for Production orgs and 'test' is used for sandbox orgs.

Login to the destination org. Salesforce goes to the Package Installation Wizard.

Package Installation Wizard

Package Installation Wizard

Review the changes that will be made. Click Continue.

Package Installation Wizard

Step 1 shows object permissions. Review and Click Next.

Step 2 is the install screen. Click Install.

An email will be delivered to your user's email address when package installation is complete.

The package will be listed in 'Installed Packages' after installation. To access go to Your Name -> Setup -> Installed Packages (in App Setup).


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