mySCA Service InterruptionsHow do I plan for a Service Interruption?

How do I plan for a Service Interruption?

Many types of Service Interruptions a member experiences are anticipated and can be planned for.  Use the directions below to record an anticipated Service Interruption for a Position (which affects all Members).  Doing so allows the Service Interruption number of weeks to be removed from the related Estimate.   This has been done by modifying the Position Duration In Weeks field so that Interruption Number of Weeks field value is subtracted from the total value.  

1. Select the Positions Tab.

2. Choose the appropriate position.  


1. Scroll down ad on the edit page, enter the Interruption Start ad End Dates, a description ad indicate the Type of Interruption.

2. Save the Record.  

Note, once saved, the Interruption Number of weeks is calculated.  This is a rounded number calculated via the Start and End Dates entered.


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