mySCA ArticlesHow do I understand/interpret Opening Status?--A Reference Guide

How do I understand/interpret Opening Status?--A Reference Guide

This lesson provides an overview of the way that Opening statuses are calculated, what they mean and what are the implications.

NOTE:  If ever the overall Opening Status doesn't seem to make sense to you clicke "Edit" and then "Save" to make sure the latests logic has been fired off.  There are currently 48 active workflows and at least 5 active triggers operating on Openings.  Sometimes the records need to be updated for everything to recalculate.  Clicking "Edit" and "Save" will accomplish this.

Overview of Opening Status  (Reference this document directly at

Overview of Opening Status  (Reference this document directly at

Selection-Related Statuses  (Overview)

Up until the member accepts an Opening the values in the Opening Placement Status field and the Overall Opening Status will match.  The changes in values are driven by workflows used to move the opening and the member through the selection process.  

These statuses include:

* Draft

* Partner Submitted

* Staff Reviewed

* Pending Member Acceptance

* Field Preparation

Pending Status

Pending is the default status when an opening is first created.  

Partner Submitted

Partner submitted happens only when a partner wants to a make an offer to a member through the partner portal.   When the opening enters the approval process the status changes to "Partner Submitted" and is locked.

Staff Reviewed Status

Once a PSC, or other staff member has reviewed and approved the position the status changes to "Staff Reviewed" and is unlocked.

Pending Member Acceptance Status

Members don't know about their offers until an SCA staff member decides to send him/her the offer by checking the "Send Offer" field.  The following actions happen:

1) Email goes out to the member

2) Link to accept the offer shows up in the member's portal home page

3) Status changes to "Pending member Acceptance"

4) Offer date field is populated with today's date

NOTE: AmeriCorps award information must be populated prior to sending the offer or the member will not have the option to accept AmeriCorps.

NOTE: During this status staff can Accept on Behalf of a member that will shift to the next status.  Members will still need to log into

NOTE:  High School Crew follows a different process.  When the opening is created the member is asked to update their medical forms.  Once they are medically cleared AND the Sertifi version of the medical form is signed.  The send Offer box is automatically checked.


Field Preparation

Once the Member accepts the position through their portal the status moves to Field Preparation and remains here until Field Approved can be calculated.  The date accepted is recorded at this time.

NOTE:  If a member declines an opening, the opening record is deleted and the candidate record status changes to "Declined Offer"

Field Readiness and Activity Statuses

Once an opening reaches "Field Preparation" a set of calculations are required to determine if an opening is ready to go into the field.  During this status the member has access to the "Field Preparation Tab" where they have access to their sertitifi documents and can enter travel logistics records.

There is a workflow that checks field readiness every time an opening is edited and updates the field "New Field Approval Status".   This field reads "Pending" until all of the requirements for that type of opening have been met.  At that point it move to "Complete".

The statuses related to Field Readiness are:

* Field Preparation--Overlaps with and is the last step in the member selection process

* Field Approved--Opening meets all the requirements to go into the field  (New Field Approval Status=Complete and Positions Status=Field Approved, Provisionally Field Approved or Field Active

* Provisionally Field Approved--Opening does not meet all of the requirments yet, but is expected to shortly.  (There are some restrictions on when an opening can be provisionally field approved.)

* Field Active--Opening meets all criteria and the start date has passed

* Out of the Field--Opening meets all criteria and the end date has passed

* Early Exit:  Series of statuses used when a person leaves the field unexpectedly.

NOTE:  ALL THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO UNDERSTAND FIELD READINESS is in the section labeled "Approval Information"

Document Status

Document status is factored in the the field readiness for all Openings.  

1) If there are no Sertifi documents for signature the logic assumes this is a mistake and will remain in Pending status.  This field must read "Complete" before before the opening can be field Approved.  It is complete once all of the Sertifi documents associated with the opening have been signed.  (For more information see the "Selection Form Overview" at the end of this tutorial.

2) If you have the unusual situation where no documents are required for signature please contact your admin to have the value of this field changed.

3) These two fields can give you insight into what is happing with the Sertifi documents.  Basically any value less than 1000 means there are unsigned forms and document status will remain "Pending".  The sum of the digits tells you how many documents are required for signature.  

Background Check Status and NSOPR

1) Background Check status is considered for all openings.  

There are three values:

      *  Not Applicable:  Will be displayed for anyone under the age of 18 (a minor) and means that a background check record is not needed. (An opening can be field approved with this status)

      *  Pending/Started: Indications that a back ground check is in progress.  

      *  Complete: The member has at least one active background check that has not expired and was passed.

NOTE:  Background check records are related to the member Contact record.  A member may have multiple background checks.  In order for this to be "Complete" they must have at least one active record with a status of "Complete-Passed" and NO record with a status of "Complete-Failed".  

2) NSOPR refers to the National Sex Offender and Predator Registry check that is done as part of a background check.  The results for this typically come back more quickly than the complete background check records.  The NSOPR must be "Exempt" or "Cleared" for an opening to be provisionally field approved.

Position Status

Position status is considered in the logic for all openings.  In order for an opening to be field approved (or provisionally field approved) the Position status must be: Field Approved, Provisionally Field Approved, or Field Active.

Medical Status

Each member has a single medical form record that is updated over the course of their relationship with the SCA.  Every time some is offered a new position they are asked to update and resubmit their medical form.   Every time a member submits their medical form it is evaluated to see if the can be cleared AND they are asked to sign Sertifi documents confirming the accuracy of this data.  Medform status is not factored into opening field readiness for Internships.

1) Shows the status of the Medical form for the Member in question

2) Shows if the member in question has ANY unsigned medical form associated with them anywhere in the system.  This logic is necessary because we have places were the Selection Form records associated with Medical Forms is not connected to any Opening record (such as with leaders).

I9 Status

I9 Status

I9 status does not currently factor into the logic of Field Approval for any type of opening.  I9 records are created to prove eligibility to work in the US and are required in three circumstances:  Leaders, Accepting AmeriCorps, and when the SCA will be paying the member a wage.  I9 records can be renewed every time an member accepts a new opening (unlike background check records that expire every 12 months) so it is possible for a member to have an Active I9 even though one is not required for the current opening.  

Provisional Field Approval (Turning it on)

1) A staff member can check "Provisional Field Aproval"

2) The user must provide a reason for the provisional field approval

NOTE:  The NSOPR status must be "Cleared" or "Exempt" and the Position Status must be at least "Provisionally Field Approved".

3) The date of the provisional approval is recorded.

Provisional Field Approval (Turning it off)

The provisional field approval flag will be automatically turned off once the requirements are met for true Field Approval.  

Field Active Status

Field Active status is calculated when

1) New Field Approval Status = Complete OR Provisional field approval= True (checked box)


2) Opening start date is Today or ealier.  

Field Closed Status

Field Closed status is calculated when

1) New Field Approval Status = Complete OR Provisional field approval= True (checked box)


2) Opening end date is Today or ealier.  

Other Fields in the Approval Information Section

None of these other fields have any direct impact on the logic about whether or not an Opening can be Field Approved but contain helpful information for Advisors working with members and data used for reporting.

1) For Interships and Corps positions indicates whether or not the position has been approved by the ops director.

2) Records the date when the opening becomes field approved for reporting purposes

3) Indicated whether or not the Position has a Master estimate that has been Approved:  This is useful in determining if payschedules can be created.

4) Indicates payschedules that have not been sumbitted for any kind of approval.

5) Indicates payschedules that have been submitted but are not yet approved.

Approval and Field Readiness Information on the Contact Record

Background Check, Medical Form Status, and I9  information is all pulled off of the Member's contact record and is incorporated in all of the openings related to that person.

All of the information exists in the Information about Field Readiness Section.

Selection Form Overview

Opening status is only dependent on the Sertifi documents related to that Opening.  If you click on the Selection forms related list you can open the selection form records.  In some cases an opening may be associated with more than one selection form.  All of the related documents in all of the related selection form records need to be signed, validated, or expired, for the Document Status field to change to "Complete"

1) The opening record with which the documents are associated

2) The member name

3) The status of the selection form  will read "complete" when all of the documents are signed.

4) The list of documents needing to be signed

5) The status of the documents.  NOTE: Any form with the status of "Expired" will no longer be available to the members for signature.  These files are not factored into the Document Status Logic.



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