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How do I manage Estimate Approvals and Status

Describes the estimate status and approval processes.

Overview of Status Field

Overview of Status Field

This field cannot be directly edited by users.  It's values are controled by approval processes and workflows.

Sent to Partner

Sent to Partner

When an estimate is sent to a partner the field "Date sent to partner" should be populated with the day's date.  That will change the status to "Send to Partner" unless the status was previously "Approved".  Estimates in the "Approved" status will not have their status changed.

Elgible for Auto Approval

Elgible for Auto Approval

This field is an indication of what will happen if a master quote for an Internship position is submitted for approval.  If the value is "Yes" the record will be automatically approved, locked, and the approval action will be recorded.  If not the user will be required to select who should be the next approver.

* All estimates which are not of the type "Master" require approval.

* All estimates for Corps positions go to Jarrod for approval.

NOTE:  For more information about the Eligible for Auto Approval flag please see the lesson "How Quality Control for Estimates Works"

NOTE: The field "Eligible for Auto Approval if Master Est" is being removed from use.  It is replaced by "Eligible for Auto Approval".

Submit for Approval

Submit for Approval

When an estimate is submitted for Approval it is always Locked as soon as it enters the approval process.  

The approval step is recorded in the approval History related list.  

The actual next steps will depend on who is submitting the record and the data in the record.  For more inforamtion see the "Active Approval Processes Overview" at the end of this lesson.

Once the record is Approved the status will read "Approved" and remain locked.


Unapproving Estimates

Sometimes an estimate needs to be unapproved and replaced by a new estimate or modified in some way.  

1) Only finance or and Admin can unlock an estimate record for editing.

2) Click the box "Unapprove Estimate" to change the status to "Unapproved".  This will record the date and time and email of the user making this change for audit controls.

3) In most cases you will want to change the type to be something other than "Master"

Unapproved records can be resubmitted for approval.

Overview of Active Approval Processes for Estimates

1) All extensions are managed by Laurie Lunderville and will be approved by her

2) All Corps-related estimates are approved by the ops director for that program, currently Jarrod Ball

3) The autoapproval process for Internship Estimates.   If Eligible for Auto Approval = Yes, this is the approval process that will be used.

4) Finance and PSC's will auto approve estimates if there are additional Living Allowances to be reviewd but all other error flags are off.

5) Approval process where most users select who will be the next approver.

6) Approval process where Finance and PSCs select the next approver.


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