mySCA SCA Pricing CalculatorHow does quality control for estimates work?

How does quality control for estimates work?

This lesson covers the controls, flags and approval processes that are in place for Estimates in mySCA.

Required Products Flags

These fields are governed by a validation rule.  The opportunity record cannot be saved if any of these fields have a value of 0.  In the case of "Program Support" the value must be "2" to account for Support Set up as well as the weekly support fee. The Pricing Over Ride functionality will enable an opportunity to be saved without one of the requird products.  

These fields are all roll-up summary fields counting opportunity product records that have the relevant name of the product.  If product names are changed the filters on these fields may need to be adjusted.  


Allowances to Flag

Allowances to Flag

This field captures the number of special allowances that are being priced out.  These include Housing, Commuting, Special Allowances.  Living allowance is excluded from this.  Any allowances flags (When this field is greater than "0") will make an estimate ineligible for auto approval.

Worker's Comp fields

Worker's Comp fields

1) Simply a line item to let users know that the Worker's Comp line item is included in the estimate.

2) Worker's comp is generally charged back to partners, and therefore should be a line item, for all partners except NPS.  This flag let's users know wether or not their estimate is in line with these expectations.  A value of "Yes" will prevent the estimate from being auto approved.

Line Items without Pricing

Line Items without Pricing

This field looks at the number of product line items that have an adjusted price of $0.  No estimate can be approved with items with a price of $0.  Any lines with a $0 adjusted price should be deleted.

To fix this error open up the product list and look for the items that have and adjusted price of $0.  If these items happen to be FICA-related they can be corrected just by clicking "Edit  All" and "Save" in the Opportunity Products related list.

FICA Errors

The FICA errors are related to AmeriCorps positions where Living and Housing Allowances are taxable.  They generally will not be set to "Yes" if a position is NOT AmeriCorps Eligile.  An estimate cannot be approved at all when any FICA flag = "Yes".

1) Will = "Yes" if the position is AmeriCorps eligible but there is no line item for Living Allowance FICA

2) Will = "Yes" if the correct amount for living allowance has not been calculated.

3) Will = "Yes" if the correct amounts for Housing Alloance have not been calculated.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  See the lesson  "Calculating FICA Amounts"


Pricing Over Ride Fields

These fields are read only for everyone except Finance.  If either one of them is populated the validation rules and controls for this particular opportunity will be ignored.

If either of these fields is used the estimate will not be Eligible for Auto Approval.

1) Enables any user to save an opportunity record without checking the validation rules described above.  

2) Enables a specific user to save an opportunity record without checking the validation rules described above, and only for this opportunity.

Eligible For Auto Approval

Eligible For Auto Approval

This field provides users with some indication of what will happen when they submit their estimate for approval.  If the value = "Yes", the estimate status will automatically change to "Approved", the record will be locked, and this approval action will be recorded in the record's approval history.   If the value = "No" the submitter will be prompted to select the next person who should approve this record.  The record will be locked while it is in the approval processes and all steps are recorded in the records approval history.  

NOTE:  For PSCs and the Finance Team records with Allowances to Flag will be auto-approved when they click the "Submit" Button.  


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