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Chatter Users

Chatter FAQ's

Chatter Tab

If Chatter is enabled, click  Chatter on a list view to see a Chatter feed with updates from the last 30 days for the records included in the list view.

Click List to display the list view again. You can choose a different list view from either mode.

• Click a record name to view the record, or a person's name to view their profile

• Click Comment to comment on a post

• Click Like to like a post

• Click the timestamp of a post, for example, Yesterday at 12:57 AM, to see that post in the feed of its associated record

• Click Show More to see older posts

Chatter Group

Chatter groups let you share information with specific people. For example, if you're working on a project and want to

share information only with your team members, you can create a Chatter group for your team.

Chatter groups include a list of members, a Chatter feed, and a photo.

You can create the following types of Chatter groups:

• Public: Anyone can see the group's updates, but only members can post updates. Anyone can join a public group.

• Private: Only members can see and post updates. The group's owner or managers must add members.

Chatter Functionality

With Chatter, you can:

• Update your profile to tell other people about yourself

• Update your status so people can see what you're working on

• Post a file or a link to share with other people

• Find and follow people in your Salesforce organization

• View Chatter feeds to see recent activities around Salesforce

• Follow records to see changes to those records in the Chatter feed on your Home tab and Chatter tab

• Invite people to join your Chatter network.. Invited users can view profiles, post on their feed, and join groups, but can't see your Salesforce data or records.

• Create and join groups to share information with your team members

• Receive email notifications when activities happen in Chatter

• Search for Chatter feeds, files, groups, and people


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