Hult Training Campaign CreationHow do I create and maintain Campaigns?

How do I create and maintain Campaigns?

Campaign Creation

Marketing User View

1.  Select the Hult Marketing View in the upper right hand corner.

2.  View the Home Tab

3.  Change the Dashboard reports by clicking into Customize Page

Campaign Tab

1.  Click into the Campaign Tab

2.  View the Home Page for the Campaigns

3.  Click into an existing View or create a new view

4.  Create a new Campaign

5.  View Reports related to campaigns

All Active Campaigns List View

1.  Click into the Campaign tab, view All Active Campaigns (note:  you must have clicked on the active tab in a campaign to view them under the active tab and it must have a current date).

2.  Create a new campaign button

3.  Columns displayed in the list view for campaigns

Campaign Views and ID's

Campaign Views and ID's

There is a natural hierarchy level to campaigns in Salesforce.

Your organization has an overall Parent Campaign "Hult 2012 Parent Campaign"

This campaign level is considered the grandparent level for reporting purposes, all current fiscal campaigns roll up to this level.

The 2nd level is the generic grouping of your marketing types; Events, Direct Mail, Telesales, Email, Paid On line, Other

The 3rd level is the child campaign which is associated to one of the 2nd level categories.  

The campaign ID which is shown in the first column above is utilized in any external marketing tool to link the campaigns and to sync results after a campaign has concluded.  i.e. ExactTarget will be used for marketing campaigns but the original lists will reside in Salesforce in a campaign.

Click into the hyperlink for the Parent Campaign and view the hierarchy.

Campaign Parent and Hierarchy View

You can view 3 levels of campaign hierarchy in the view shown above.

Overall 2012 Parent

2012 Marketing Level

Lists by Name along with Campaign Type, Status and an Active Flag

Creating a New Campaign

1.  Click into the Parent Campaign

2.  View the Hierarchy and click into the Campaign type you wish to create i.e. Hult Events

3.  Click on the Clone button

4.  Create a New Event with a start and end date and unique name (see below example)

Campaign Detail

1.  Change the Parent from the overall 2012 Parent to the Hult Events parent.

2.  Add a unique name to the Campaign

3.  Click the Active check box

4.  Select the campaign sub type

5.  Change the status to in progress (when the campaign is complete change the status to completed), you may wish to keep the status in a planning status until the event is ready

6.  Select the date the campaign will be active

7.  Select the Region

8.  Select the Program


Add Campaign Members

Campaign members can be added by importing a file, Salesforce has an easy Wizard tool which allows you to import csv files.

Add members from a report.

Add members individually i.e. you may notify the recruiters and telesales rep that there is an upcoming information session in a certain region, they may wish to add their leads or soon to be qualified applicants to this info session.

Select a status of sent or responded after you add the campaign members.

Run your campaign.

Adding Campaign Members

Adding Campaign Members

Click to import leads or update and add campaign members.

Upload Wizard

Upload Wizard

Follow the upload wizard steps.

Map the Fields for the Wizard Upload

Map the Fields for the Wizard Upload

You will map the field headings in the file to the Salesforce related fields, try to use the same import template for all imported files.  Hit Next!


Step 3 of the Import Wizard

Step 3 of the Import Wizard

The wizard will provide a status update if there are any issues with the upload file, once you have resolved the issue click on Import Now!

Imported Campaign Members View

Your leads will be viewed in the campaign member related list.  

Reporting on the Campaign Results

Each campaign has an outcome and financial planning and performance section.  You can view how many leads were converted to qualified applicants and then view how many applicants applied on the Hult web site and created a new application along with the tuition value of the application.

You can track high level budgeted costs against actuals if you enter an estimated budget cost in this section of the campaign detail page.

Reporting Section

Reporting Section

Click on the Report Tab

Click into the Marketing Campaigns Report Folder (or the campaigns folder)

View the existing report or create a new custom report


Click into the Campaigns Tab

View the Marketing Campaigns Dashboard


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