Hult Training Recruiters ProcessRecruiters Leads - Applicants - Applications (AAM Information)

Recruiters Leads - Applicants - Applications (AAM Information)

Recruiter and AAM Daily Tasks

Click into Home Tab

1.  Click on your Home Tab

2.  Open or close your sidebar giving you more visibility to detail on your screen

3.  View your Recent Items - hover your mouse over any item and view more detail related to a user, lead, applicant or application

4.  Show or hide your Chatter detail

5.  Customize your dashboard, change it to reflect your departmental detail

Applicant Tab

1.  You should be in the Hult Recruiter view, if not use the drop down menu to select the correct view.

2.  You should be in the Applicant tab, it will be highlighted at the top of the page.

3.  Your recent items will show on the left side of your screen, you can hover over the recent item to view more detail without clicking into the record.

4.  Your view is of the Applicant Home.

5.  You can click into the drop down under the View: My Applicants, New this Week, Recently Viewed and it will return your applicants or new data which has come in this calendar week.

6.  You can Create a New View and filter on region, country, age range, GMAT score, etc.

7.  You can click into recently viewed Applicants.

View My Applicants

1.  Select the drop down "My Applicants", view the detail related to your assigned applicants.

2.  Follow an applicant using "Chatter" if you wish to receive updates related to this applicant, these could be updates made by the applicant, the AAM, Shipping, Visa Coordinators, Finance or Conversion Specialists.  You can stop following any applicant by clicking the check box off and returning it to the + sign.

3.  You columns can be moved, made to be wide or narrow, you can click into Edit next to the My Applicants and add more detail to  your view (add or remove columns)

4.  You have a message regarding new functionality related to this view from Salesforce and their most recent release.

5.  You can open your calendar and drag a record from this list into a time slot for an event (meeting).

Note:  Anything that is underlined is a hyperlink and by clicking into the hyperlink it will take  you to the detail screen related to that item.

If you click on the email hyperlink it will take you to your company email program, best practice indicates that all emails should be sent from Salesforce to keep a record related to the applicant (for others to view).

Click into an Applicant

1.  VIew the name of the applicant.

2.  Click to follow the applicant using Chatter, you can show or hide the chatter detail.

3.  View the related lists associated to the Applicant; i.e. the Application (from the web site), the open activities, activity history, campaigns the applicant is related to, email results, notes and attachments.  You can place your mouse over any of the related lists and view the detail via hovering or scroll down the right side and see the detail below.

4.  Click the Edit button to change multiple items on the page.  Once you changed the detail hit Save!

5.  Clone, if you want to add a new contact with similar detail you can clone the record and change the unique items i.e. phone, email, address.  

6.  Each line may have in line editing available, by clicking into one line item you can edit it and hit Save!


Additional Applicant Detail

Additional Applicant Detail

1.  Information from the web site (Sitecore) is tracked in this section, when an applicant applies for admission on the web site their user name, password and security related information is captured.

2.  The web site sends the phone number and email information that the applicant has entered in the personal section and records the information.

3.  The web site also captures information regarding which campus the applicant has an interest in attending.

4.  Additional comments and questions are captured in this section.

5.  The address of the applicant is captured in this section.

6.  The country of citizenship, residence and nationality are captured in this section.

More Detail on the Applicant Page

1.  Information regarding the interview will be captured in this section.

2.  Links to send ExactTarget Emails are in the Custom Link section, this will take you to the ExactTarget application for email marketing.

3.  This related list shows the application that has been submitted on the Hult web site by the applicant.  You can link to the application from the hyperlink in this section or by hovering on this related list at the top of the page.

Related Lists on the Applicant Page (Hover Views)

Hover at the top of the page to view the related lists or scroll down the right side of the page to view them at one time.

You can create a new task or event (meeting/interview) in the Open Activities section.

You can log detail on a recent call, you can send an email, log an activity.

You can add an applicant to a campaign if you wish them to be invited to an upcoming fair, information session or event.

You can attach files or create notes on the application.

Application related to the Applicant

Application related to the Applicant

This application detail pages shows that the applicant is interested in a MIB-UK-London program starting in Sept 2012 and the current application is in progress.

Other Related Information on the Application

Other Related Information on the Application

1.  This section shows the progress of the application on the Hult web site.  As the tabs are completed the information is transmitted from the web site to Salesforce along with the date completed.

2.  The percentage of the application process that has been completed shows in this area, it is similar to the old Top Apply # of pages completed.

3.  This section show the country of citizenship, residence and nationality.

4.  This section shows the progression of the application decision making process.

Application Decision - Magic Pack - Sponsorship Information Sections

Application Decision - Magic Pack - Sponsorship Information Sections

1.  If an application is rejected, the recruiter has an opportunity to appeal the decision and will fill out the request, reason and date information.

2.  If an application is withdrawn, the recruiter or AAM will update this section with the pertinent information along with potentially competitor information.

3.  This section is used when requesting that a Magic Pack be sent to an applicant.  The shipping group will utilize this section for adding the sent date, the carrier name and tracking ID and updating the status of the package.  i.e. with the Shipper or Sent

4.  This section is used for sponsorship/legal guardian information.


Student Services & Visa Coordinator Sections

1.  Student Services - section to track welcome calls, emails sent and arrival dates.

2.  Visa Coordinator - section to record Visa and Immigration related information.

3.  Visa information for an individual campus

    - US

    - UK

    - China

    - Dubai


Application Stages and Sub Stages - In Progress

Application Stages and Sub Stages - In Progress

The In Progress stage has 9 sub stages that could be applied; you will probably utilize interested, strongly interested or interested next year with your in progress stage.

No Longer Interested, Lack of Funds, Unreachable are more likely to indicate a hold status.

Application Stages and Sub Stages - Partial Application

Application Stages and Sub Stages - Partial Application

Partial Application stage has three sub stages; working to complete application, completed application, not completing application.  Monitor your stages for changes as they occur.

Application Stages and Sub Stages - Waiting for Review

Application Stages and Sub Stages - Waiting for Review

The following stages mean that the application is being worked by other departments toward completion with the new applicant.  Please check on any status with your assigned AAM.

Waiting for Review

Under Review


Endorsed Confirmed

Application Stages and Sub Stages - Accepted

Application Stages and Sub Stages - Accepted

The following stages are once the applicant has been accepted.

Accepted - Notified



Updating the Application Information

1.  As information is gathered and submitted please note that the requirements section will begin to reflect the detail required to qualify for the program and the required attachments will be added.

2.  The Start Term should be validated and updated on the application detail screen.

3.  The stage and

4.  The sub stage should be monitored and updated as the application progress is shown, this information will be used in some management reports.

5.  Once the application reaches an accepted stage and the applicant is notified you need to update the application detail when they confirm their attendance.

6.  The Finance section will need to be updated with the scholarship amounts if applicable, review that application fees and deposits are received.

7.  Education related information will be tracked in this related list.

8.  Employment related information will be tracked in this related list.

9.  Exam related information will be tracked in this related list.


Requirements Section

Related to every application is a requirements section or related list.

1.  The requirements section is different by program, once the program has been identified the required documents will show in this section, they are identified by record type i.e. Visa related item, Essay, Exam, Resume, Transcripts, etc.

2.  The Requirement list will show all of the detail required to enroll and the status of each document.j

3.  You can click into the Go to List to view all of the required items.

4.  As each are provided you will see a check box under the Supplied column.

Note:  AAM and coordinators will verify, approve and or waive the documents as each application is review.

The status will be reflected as Red = not supplied; Yellow = supplied but not verified; Green = Verified and approved or waived.

Requirement Review

Joe Johnson has requested to attend the MBA-UK-London program, this program requires all of the documents shown above.  Each must be provided before the stage of the application can be updated as shown in the Required For column and whom is it Required By.

By clicking into each requirement you can view if the detail has been provided in the attachment section and the date it was received.

Supplied Detail and Date Provided

1. A requirement is shown above (more detail is shown in the next section).

2. Supplied check box checked off once the CAS request form has been received.  

3.  Once attached the status changes from red to yellow.

Form is Supplied and Dates are Reflected

1.  The attachment section shows that the form has been received.

2.  The supplied section is checked.

3.  The date the form was supplied is updated.  

4. Note:  If you are reviewing this page and want to return to the application click into the "Back to Application" box.

Attaching Files

Hover over the notes and attachments related list and click into the attach file.

Follow Attach File Steps

Follow Attach File Steps

1.  Choose the file location

2.  Click on the file to attach

3.  Click Done

Wrong File is Attached

Wrong File is Attached

If the wrong document is attached to a Requirement please check into Record Type and change the requirement .  See the next screen shot regarding how to choose a new record type.

Changing Record Type on the Requirement

Changing Record Type on the Requirement

Click into the change next to the Record Type, change the type to a new record type, i.e. if it is an exam instead of an essay change the record type and hit Continue.

Changing the Requirement Name Field

Changing the Requirement Name Field

Change the requirement name field to reflect that it should be an Exam and not an Essay, hit Save!

Additional Detail on the Requirement

Additional Detail on the Requirement

If you scroll down the page, there is additional detail to show the status information, the requirement information on and Exam or Essay along with the related information.

Additional Related Information

Additional Related Information

There is additional related information on the Sponsorship and Recommendation decisions.  

Finance Section - Cost of Tuition and Scholarship Information

Finance Section - Cost of Tuition and Scholarship Information

1.  Hover over Finance related list and click into the New Finance button

2.  A new finance record will be created.

3.  Once you hit save the tuition amounts will populate.

Finance Section

Finance Section

1. The tuition amounts will populate once the currency for the program has been selected selected (it is at the bottom of the page).

2.  The fees should be applied after you hit save!

Scholarship Section

Scholarship Section

1.  Edit the finance page, the deposit deducted will be applied and the paid date will be reflected.

2.  This section is for financial aid scholarship money awarded by the recruiter, any changes to programs will need to be reflected manually if there are currency conversion changes.

3.  This section show the total amount due.

4.  This section show the applicable payment schedule.

Note:  once scholarship changes are made please remember to hit Save!