Hult Training Telesales ProcessHow do I book an interview with a Lead?

How do I book an interview with a Lead?

New and Existing Lead Process - Hand off from Telesales

Managing your Calendar

Go to the Home Tab

Scroll down to the Tasks and Calendar Items

Review To Do's by Subject and Complete or move the date

Review the Calendar for Interviews and Prepare for Call with Candidate

Interview Schedule

Review the upcoming interviews and prepare for the call, click into the interview to identify the lead and their program interest.

Note:  During the initial set up, be sure to provide access to your calendar to your Telesales Rep and your manager.

Activity Management

Open the interview invite record.

Update activities related to the interview, log the call results and create follow up activity if needed.

Schedule a follow up call to work with the applicant regarding how to fill out the application on the Hult web site.

Sending Emails

Click into the Lead name and send an email and log your call results.

Create follow up tasks and events as needed to move the lead toward filling out an application on the Hult web site.

Converting a Qualified Lead

Click into find duplicates on the Lead record, once on the screen shown above merge leads if needed, click into the check box to the left of the matching lead and click on merge.

Once the leads are merged if needed click on Convert Lead, it will change the person from a  Lead to a Contact.

Send a thank you email after the interview to thank the qualified lead for their time and provide the url to the Hult web site to start their application process.

Convert Lead

Once you have clicked on convert lead, validate that you are the record owner (of if it is a telesales rep converting) change the Record Owner to the Recruiter, you can do this by looking up their name in the magnifier look up icon.  

Enter the Organization name as the program i.e. in this case since the lead was interested in MIB-UK-London the organization name will be MIB-UK-London.

Check the box to NOT create a new application upon conversion.  The lead will create the application automatically when they go to the Hult web site to start their application process.  The application will link to the contact you have just converted.  

Create a follow up task to call or email this new qualified lead in a few days to make sure they are going to the web site to apply.