Hult Training AAM and Finance Process SectionHow do I view the specific requirements for an Application?

How do I view the specific requirements for an Application?

Requirements are based on Program



Click on Requirements link or scroll down to Requirements at bottome of application.


1.  The requirement is shown by program, by clicking into the requirement name you can see the attached document related to the requirement.

2.  The program name will be populated.

3.  The Record Type will show which type of requirement the line item is related to; Education, Visa, Recommendation, Transcript, Exam, Insurance, Transcript, Education or Other

4.  The Requirement is required by the Country, Department or Program

5.  The Requirement is need for a stage; In Progress, Under Review, Enrolled, Accepted

6.  The Document is Supplied

7.  The Document is Verified

8.  The Document is Approved

9.  The Document is Waived

10. The status of the document is show by color Red for not provided, Yellow for provided by not yet verified, Green when the Document and Requirement are verified

Finance Detail Section

Finance Detail Section

This financial section shows the cost of the tuition, the insurance, the fees and certificate costs and the deposit amount which must be collected.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Section

Financial Aid and Scholarship Section

This section shows the amount of financial aid the recruiter has selected for the applicant.

The recruiter and financial group help the applicant determine the financial aid needed if applicable.

The finance group validates that the payment schedule is accurate.

The finance group enters any related payments or refunds.

Finance Section

Finance Section

This section show detail related to the paid deposits and application fee plus the payment due amounts and due dates.

It shows the Program costs, fees and deposits received, it also show detail on whether the tuition and fees wire receipt has been received.