Hult Training Shipping Magic Pack ProcessHow do I send a Magic Pack?

How do I send a Magic Pack?

Recruiter has indicated that the application has reached a stage that the Magic Pack needs to be shipped to the Applicant.

Recruiter will mark the Send Magic Pack Checkbox

1.  Recruiter will click on the Send Magic Pack check box, click save.  Scroll up, create a task and assigned it to the shipping contact for your region.

Recruiter Create a Task Assignment for Shipper

1.  Scroll up to the Open Activity section and hover the section and click on New Task, or scroll down the page to the Open Activity section and click on New Task.

Create a Task to Reminder Shipping to Send Magic Pack

1.  Assign to the Shipper User

2.  Add Send Magic Pack to the Subject Line

3.  Add the due date that you would like the package to be sent

4.  Add the status; not started, in progress or waiting on someone else

5.  Add the contact (you will want to double check that there is an address on the contact (Applicant)

6.  Add any comments i.e. please ship by a certain date and use a specific carrier if necessary

7.  If you would like to send them a notification email click in this box

8.  Hit Save!

Shipping Group - Add the Carrier and Tracking ID

1.  Check that the application fee has been paid

2.  Add the Magic Pack sent date

3.  Add the status of with shipper

4.  Add the name of the carrier

5.  Add the tracking ID

6.  Hit Save!

Note:  The shipping user may need to log back into this record once the shipper has confirmed the package has been sent and change the status next to #5.