Hult Training Telesales ProcessHow do I manage Leads?

How do I manage Leads?

Lead Views and Activities

List View for Leads

Go to the Lead Tab, click on All Leads or My Leads, create your own view.  See instructions how to set up list views below.

Leads Associated to Campaigns

Click into the Lead tab, select a campaign or create your own view and select a campaign to work.  See instructions regarding how to set up list views below.

Lead Screen -  Working the Lead

1. The lead page shows the details related to the lead, a lead can be imported and attached to a campaign, see the hover link for the campaign history.

2.  The name of the lead will show in this field.

3.  The Primary and Secondary Programs will show in this area.

4.  The Country of Citizenship will show on this line, if the lead has made a mistake on the country please click into the Country of Citizenship override and populate the correct value.

5.  The Country of Residence will show.

6.  The Nationality will show, there is a line underneath Nationality where a dual citizenship could be entered.

7.  The Region will be pre populated or you may change it based on the Country of Citizenship.

8.  The GMAT Score Range and actual GMAT scores can be added if the original input list didn't provide them.

9.  Age Range of the lead will show in this area.

10.  The GMASS Work Experience will populate in this field.

11.  Real life work experience will populate in this area with the number of years and months.

12.  If the lead existed in Top Apply the ID will migrate with the lead when data is imported.

13.  Phone number for the lead will show in this field.

14.  Email for the lead will show in this area.

15. Email Opt Out, if the lead requests not to be called or emailed for future promotions or newsletters please check the appropriate box.

16.  Marketing Source - source where the lead originated, GMASS list, GMAT, SAT, List Purchase, Job Fair

17.  Lead Source  i.e. LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc.

18.  Lead Status Open, Qualified, Unqualified

19.  Lead Stage (shown below)

20.  Rating (Hot, Warm, Cold)

21. Other information (mail brochure)

The lead information migrates to the contact record when the lead is qualified and converted.  

Lead Stage

Lead Stage

1.  When moving through your lead process change the stage to reflect the next steps with the lead.  

2.  Have they requested an interview, are they interested or not interested or are not ready at this time - with a likelihood to proceed in the future.

Click Save!


Hover over the Top of the Lead

Hover over the Top of the Lead

In the Lead view you can hover over the details related to the lead you can review the Campaign the lead is associated with, the open activities, the activity history and the email results. Click into Open Activities to schedule an interview (event) for the Recruiter.

Create or Schedule an Event (Interview)

You may either check the calendar for the recruiter first or as you create the event (interview) scroll down the page to invite the recruiter and you can see their availability.  

1.  You will want to assign the Event (Interview) to the recruiter in the Assigned to line.

2.  Enter the Subject of the Meeting.

3.  Validate the campus they are interested in attending.

4.  Add any comments from the lead.

5.  Add the Program the lead is interested in.

6.  Add the Start and End time of the Interview and check the availability of the recruiter (see below for a view once you click into check availability).

7.  The contact name and email should be populated

9.  Make sure time shows as busy so the slot on the calendar can't be booked by someone else.

Set a reminder if needed, hit save

Note:  Once you have assigned the interview to someone else you no longer own the record, you can view it but not edit it.

Scroll Down the Page to View Availability for that Day

1.  While you are on the event (interview) schedule you can scroll down the page to view the current daily calendar availability for the recruiter.

2.  The time slots will show blank if nothing is booked, blue if busy and red if out of office.

3.  Please remind your recruiters to add their vacation schedules to their calendars.

4.  You may attach files to the event if needed.

Check the Calendar Availability of the Recruiter

Check the Calendar Availability of the Recruiter

1.  You can click into the Check Availability and view the users calendar to see if they are available.

2.  Hovering allows you to see the detail related to the calendar event (interview).

The unlined lines allow you to click into any related object and see the detail.

If you need to check another users calendar availability

If you need to check another users calendar availability

1.  Click into the under "Change" link above.

2.  It opens a look up to Users Calendars

3.  Search or type in a user name

4.  Click on the name and you can view another users calendar.

View the 1, 7 or 30 days Calendar View

1.  Click into the 1 day view of the calendar

2.  Click into the 7 day view of the calendar

3.  Click into the 30/31 day view of the calendar

4.  You can click to show weekends

5.  By clicking into the day with the underline it will take you to the specific calendar day

6.  You can click back to your own calendar

List View of Activities

List View of Activities

1.  Click into the list icon next to the date selection to view the list of all calendar detail.

Activity List View

1.  Click into the list icon to view all your activities.

2.  You can change the view and see activities for a certain type, you can add a new view to segregate Events from Tasks.

3.  You can create a new task or event on this page

4.  Your list view columns can be moved to work how you work.

Create Activities

Open activities related to upcoming interviews that have been scheduled, future meetings or tasks that need to be completed by you or another user in your organization.  You cannot edit tasks assigned to other users but you will be able to view the activity detail.  

Log Call Detail (see Five9 documentation)

Results of the calls will be related to the Lead and will show as activity history, however there may be an occasion that you might need to log the results of a call with the lead that weren't initiated by the dialer.  Please note that you can add the activity detail utilizing  

Hit Save!

Activity History

This section shows call information, emails that have gone out to the lead.

Campaign History

This section shows the name of campaigns the lead may have been a part of.

Notes and Attachments & Lead History

This section is for notes and attachments related to the lead.

You can also track the history on the lead, when it was created, the last time it was updated, whom made any changes.

Changing the Lead Status and Stage

1.  Change the stage on the lead to reflect interview requested if it is in the interview stage.  You may also select one of the following stages;

Interview Request


Strongly Interested


Not Interested

Qualified for other program

Interested Future Intake

Lack of Funds



2.  The recruiter should change the status on the lead from open to qualified or unqualified after the interview is concluded.


Qualified Lead Conversion Process - Find Duplicates - Merge

Qualified Lead Conversion Process - Find Duplicates - Merge

1.  Click on the Find Duplicates button

Review the Lead Data

1.  Validate that there is one lead, if there are duplicates they will show in the Matching Leads Section

2.  If they are identical click into the boxes to the left of the name and hit Merge Leads

Merge Leads - Select Remaining Record

Review the detail in for the two records, identify the Master Record by clicking into the radial button.

Click Merge!

Click on the Convert Button.

Convert the Lead to an Applicant

Convert the Lead to an Applicant

Click on the Convert button, make sure the record owner is the recruiter whom will be working with the Lead

Change the Organization Name to attach the Lead to the Existing Program, the application name should be the program they selected or are interest in.

Check the box to NOT create a new application upon conversion, this will be done when the application go on line to the Hult web site to apply for the program.

The converted status should default to Qualified, click convert and you have a new Applicant which belongs to the Recruiter in this territory.

Recruiter Note:  Be sure to send a thank you email to the lead for their time during the interview and provide them with the url to the Hult web site.