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1.  View the application that pertains to your job; it may read Hult Telesales, Hult Finance, Hult Recruiter, Hult AAM, Hult Shipping, Hult Visa Coordinator, Hult Student Services, Hult Marketing, Hult Management.  Select the application which applies to the job you perform, this view drives the page views and how your application performs.

2.  Your company logo will show at the top of your Salesforce instance.

3.  You can search on most data elements contained within your instance; email,, phone number, address, name, program, applicant, application, lead or Hult internal user.

4.  The black headings are referred to as 'Tabs' in Salesforce, negotiate to a tab and click on it if you wish to view the related data.

5.  Under your user name are three selections to customize, you will set up your preferences the first time you log into your new application.

6.  The current version of Salesforce will show in this area, in this example you are working on the release that came out in the Summer of 2011.

7.  The log out selection is listed under your user name.

Select the Application based on your position

Select the Application based on your position

In the top right hand corner select the app for your position.