Hult Training Salesforce LoginHow do I Login to Salesforce?

How do I Login to Salesforce?

Login to

Receive an Email from Salesforce with User Name

1.  When you are ready to go live you will receive an email from Europe with your llink to your production environment and your user name.  

2.  Your user name is usually your email name.

3.  You will be able to generate a unique password the first time you login to  

4.  Log in by clicking on the link provided next to the #4.

5.  If you have any issues logging in your can contact salesforce or your company administrator.  

Have Fun!

Maintenance Notifications

Maintenance Notifications

You may receive a maintenance notification upon your initial login to Salesforce, just be aware that Salesforce will not be available for use during these notified maintenance windows. Click on continue.  

Note:  If you would like to utilize the test account the login is and the password is recruiter1.  The security question is "In what city were you born? and the answer is Leeds".

Log In with New Password or Reset Password Screen

This screen shows how you can reset your old password or enter a new password, your question should be something that is easily remembered, try to stay away from your mothers maiden name for security purposes.  Hit Save!

Normal Login - Enter User Name and Password

Normal Login - Enter User Name and Password

1.  Enter your user name i.e. first name.last

2.  Enter your password

3.  Click on Login, click the box next to Remember User Name - it will populate automatically each time you login using the same browser in your favorites.

Note:  Salesforce recommends Firefox or IE as your default browser, enable your cookies for Salesforce pop up reminder windows, set Salesforce as a trusted site and check your Spam box in Outlook to make sure none of your salesforce emails are caught in the Spam filter.

4.  Click on Forgot your Password if you cannot remember your current password.

Note:  You have up to 5 attempts to login to Salesforce, your password will change automatically every 90 days and you will be prompted for a new login.  You will not be able to utilize the last 3 passwords used.