Public Check-In

Our updated Public Check-In page was released in Spring '15 and is fully mobile and tablet-responsive. This article shows the main features and new interface for this page.

Note that there is a performance limitation on this page. Events that have greater than 10,000 campaign members will result in a time out error when accessing this page. recommends that no Campaign have greater than 10,000 Campaign Members.

Additionally, there is a known bug that special characters will not display properly on the Public Check-In page.

The Public Check-In page can be accessed by a custom button on the Event Campaign record as shown above.

It can also be accessed from the Members tab of the Events Campaign Manage interface.

Once you have accessed the Public Check-In page, there are a number of features available.

1. The name of your Event is displayed in the top left. Clicking on this Event name will take you to a similar looking page that lists all Campaigns in your Salesforce environment so you can access the Public Check-In page for those campaigns too.

2. You can use this field to quickly search for Campaign Members. Results are returned in real-time as you add characters.

3. You can filter the list of Campaign Members by their Registration Status, Payment Status, and Attendance Status. Using more than one filter will always use an AND operator to compile your list.

4. You can see the names of your Campaign Members and their Registration Status ("Status"), Payment Status ("Payment"), and Attendance Status ("Attedance"). Depending on the details populated on their Campaign Member record, some contact info may also be displayed.

5. To simply check-in a Campaign Member at your event, click on the Check-In button. This will immediately change their Attendance Status to "Checked-In"

6. To create a new Campaign Member record for your event (for walk-ups, perhaps), click on New Registration in the top right corner.

Accepting Walk-up Registrants

1. You can set the Registration, Payment and Attendance status for your new registrant using the drop downs at the top of this page.

2. Add the necessary personal information for your Campaign Member.

3. Click Save & Close.

4. If you believe the new attendee may already be in your Salesforce CRM, click on "Find Contacts/Leads" to use a search page to find them in the system and add them to your event with a single click.

Updating Campaign Member Information

By clicking on the name of a Campaign Member, you will be able to see additional details about them. You can update their Registration, Payment and Attendance Status from this page. You can also update fields that you choose to list based on the Campaign_PublicCheckIn Field Set. See the next article for more information about configuring these fields.


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