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Creating and Managing Groups

NOTE: Campaign Groups do NOT control other functionality out-of-the-box with NGO Connect nor Advancement Connect.

Create Groups

1. Enter as many groups as you would like, assigning each a code if desired.

2. Click "Save"

Manage Group Membership

1. Click on "Members" to view the Campaign Members assigned to your group and the entire campaign.

Add Campaign Members to Groups

1. Clicking "Add" will place the registered member into the group.  Note: Although you can create unlimited groups a member can be associated to a max of 3 groups

2. You can also edit registered status, payment status, and attendance status from this page

Accessing Group Info from Members Tab

1. You can also assign Campaign Members to a Group on an individual basis from the Members tab by clicking Manage next to the Campaign Member's name.

1. Use the Campaign Group fields on the right of this Visualforce page to assign any member to a maximum of three Groups.

2. Click Save.


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